PicoSure Focus aka PicoSkin Rejuvenation treatment by NYC PicoSure Expert

Posted on 23 October, 2017

Written by Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD

  • It’s more than simply a laser!
  • Revolutionary technology!
  • Impressive results!
  • Next generation in skin care!
  • No downtime
  • Super quick

Sun damage + Wrinkles + Acne scars + Texture + more…

“PicoSure helps provide your skin with a more youthful appearance by erasing unwanted pigment, age spots and freckles caused by sun damage in as little as 15 minutes with minimal to no discomfort or downtime for FACE + BODY

How does PicoSure/PicoSkin treatment work?

It uses ultra short busrts of energy, I mean trillions of a second to reach multiple skin layers at once and begin the rejuvenation treatment by reducing the pigment and by stimulating new building blocks of skin structure. 

Which skin layers does PicoSure affect?

This revolutionary laser treatment is able to target all three layers of skin and address:

  1. Any Pigment (epidermal layer)
  2. Wrinkles/Scars/Pigment (mid dermal)
  3. Skin Laxity (sub dermal)

Once the laser activates the cell signals, then the body begins it’s natural healing process by sweeping away older, damaged tissue and rebuilding skin with new  and stronger collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of youthful looking skin.

How long does the PicoSure treatment take? 

It takes as little as 15-20 minutes to perform a full face rejuvenation treatment when performed by an expert. The face is customized by treating texture and pigment first, which is then finished by

How long is the recovery after PicoSure Focus treatment?

There is no recovery time. There is very minimal redness, which can last 1-3 hours and can easily be covered with makeup.

How many treatments does one need with PicoSure Focus to see results?

The result varies from patient to patient. Some may see improvement after a single treatment while others may need a few more treatment.  It is generally recommended to get 4 treatments and continue with maintenance. This is discussed at the time of your consultation.

To see PicoSure expert, Dr. Avaliani for your perfect skin consultation please call 212-673-8888.







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