SculpSure Q and A from NYC SculpSure Expert

Posted on 10 July, 2017

Written by Anna Avaliani MD

Q: Does SculpSure treatment hurt?

A: Short answer: No pain at all!

How does SculpSure treatment feel over stomach and love handles?

Each body treatment area feels different. Certain areas you bare feel anything, while others you feel slight heating discomfort. When treating stomach, majority of patients feel abdominal cramps during the treatment and as soon as the treatment is over, the cramping is gone.  When treating love handles, most only feel heating sensation, but no burning or cramping at all!

In clinical studies, an average discomfort level reported by patients was 3.7 out of a 10.  I have personally had the treatment done myself, and I didn’t feel the stomach treatment at all, while love handles was different and a little bit hotter. You can visit my Facebook  and YouTube channel to watch the treatment video.

How does SculpSure treatment really feel from start to finish?

The first 4 minutes of the treatment is a warm up phase. This is designed to get fat cells to an uncomfortable 46 degrees Celcius temperature, where they start lysing.

The remaining 21 minutes of the treatment, the machine maintains the temperature and gives short bursts of skin cooling every 30 seconds to superficially cool off the skin and decrease any treatment discomfort.

Once you are able to get past the initial 6 minutes of the treatment, the remaining will be very easy.

First time treatment is always very anxious and the discomfort is always slight elevated.

When treating the lower abdomen first, patients feel more discomfort and more cramping. When treating upper abdomen in the same treatment session most patients barely feel any discomfort in the upper part or at least describe it as more tolerable and easier.

Key Points:

  • It does not feel like a hot stone massage.
  • It is very tolerable
  • It is only 25 minutes long
  • You skin will be completely normal
  • ZERO downtime
  • ZERO bruising

Dr.Anna Avaliani is a top SculpSure provider in NYC . Over 1500 +treatments performed to date. Over 5 treatments performed DAILY. Over 100 treatments Monthly. Over 400 applicators a month! 

Your health and safety is PRICELESS. Trust yourself to an expert

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