Spring is finally here!

Posted on 2 May, 2016

Written by: Anna Avaliani, MD

Spring is finally here and it means that it’s officially the start of the wedding season.
In the past it was all about the bride, but now there is more competition with the added attention to the groom and even the mother of the bride.
Everyone is getting ready to look their best and now is the perfect time to get started and get some pampering done.
Mother’s day is around the corner and it brings a perfect opportunity for future brides to reward their mothers for all of their support during the preparations for the upcoming special day. What other better way can you show love and express your gratitude?
Dr. Avaliani’s expertise and attention to detail will produce the most natural results allowing to Reveal the best mom! Roses, Perfumes and Chocolates will never accomplish the same result!

Dr. Avaliani can address wrinkles and saggy skin on any part of the body but for women during summer months, special attention is on the lips and chest area. There is a variety of different options available and each person has unique needs, therefore each consultation is tailored specifically to the client needs in order to address their area of concern.
Lip wrinkles and chest wrinkles are give away signs of the age and by targeting those areas with the latest non invasive cosmetic fillers, Dr.Avaliani can achieve amazing results to allow you to wear bold colored lipsticks again and low cut dresses.

A simple treatment with Botox and Filler will give instant result and will last 12-24 months.
This can be the best Mother’s day gift and the best thank you gift all in one.
We need to make our loved ones feel special too.

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