The breakdown of Sculptra Butt injection cost by Sculptra Expert NYC

Posted on 6 June, 2019

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

The Celebrity Secret to a lifted and curvier booty is Sculptra aka Sculptra Aesthetic

We all lose fat as part of our aging process and we lose fat everywhere including our butt/buttock area. Fat cells do die and when they die in the butt area, we get dimples. Dimples on the butt are never pretty.

With time, we develop dimples in certain areas of the butt area, we lose fat and get hollow or sunken in outer hips giving off an empty/hollow buttock projection and a square shape.

What determines the cost of the Sculptra Butt Lift?

The determining factor is the amount of vials that needs to be injected.  Sculptra Aesthetics is an injectable and it comes in quantities called vials. The amount needed to be injected varies from person to person as it depends on what you are starting with, how fast you want to get the results as well as the amount of volume you wish to achieve. Multiple treatments are often necessary to achieve the desired result.

What is involved in Sculptra Butt Lift aka Sculptra BBL and Sculptra ?

Sculptra Aesthetic is one and only Natural collagen stimulator. It comes in a powder form, which needs to be activated and allowed to “mature” over 48-72hrs before it can be injected.

How much is Sculptra Butt Injection? 

The cost of the procedure depends on many factors such as the experience of the provider, their knowledge and understanding of  Sculptra, aka how much Sculptra do they inject and how often.  Other important factors are the amount of vials to be injected and whether it’s a single treatment or series of treatments.  In general, the cost depends on the volume desired. There is an art of injecting Sculptra in order to achieve a very natural shape. It needs to be injected into the right depth with the right amount of product to achieve a proper lift. The price range is variable therefore, consultation is a must.

How many vials does one need for Butt injections?

Each body is different and with Sculptra there is really no limit how voluptuous you can get as long as the patient is prepared for series of treatments and be a little patient.

Patient safety during any injectable treatment is the most important aspect of treatment for Dr.Avaliani. Not every patient is a candidate and an in person private consultation is always necessary for proper examination and evaluation to discuss desired goals.

What is the maximum number of vials of Sculptra that can be injected in one session?

Dr. Avaliani has injected anywhere from 6 vials up to 36 vials per session.  Sculptra can be injected into butt and the outer hip area. It can also be injected to fill in the little dimples and make them appear less noticeable.

Sculptra Butt Injection promise by Dr.Avaliani?

  • Avaliani is the top Expert Provider of Sculptra Butt injections in New York city
  • Avaliani is a pioneer of Sculptra Butt Injections. Doing it since 2016
  • Avaliani performs Sculptra Butt augmentation on almost daily and weekly basis
  • Avaliani has designed and develop her own protocols for Sculptra injections using the latest safety standards as well as a unique technique.
  • Consistent results and happy patients that return for maintenance and refer friends and family says a lot of about reputation and trust
  • All Sculptra is prepared ahead of time. At least 48-72 hrs.
  • All vials are open in front of the patient at the time of the injection
  • Avaliani only injects using a Cannula technique

To schedule your expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani, please call 212-673-8888.

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