What is genius about Genius RF?

Posted on 8 May, 2019

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Genius Fractional RF is a smart skin tightening system FDA cleared for treatment of skin wrinkles and rhytids

It is equipped with skin quality sensing technology called impedence, which accurately measures the skin quality and helps adjust the energy needed to be delivered in order to stimulate new collagen and elastin production and allows the needles to be inserted into the skin with precision and increased comfort.

The 49 tiny microinsulated needles can be adjusted in depth from 0.3 mm to 3.5 mm deep into the skin.

What does Microinsulated RF needle mean?

Microinsulated means that the needle length is protected from damaging the surrounding skin as it’s being inserted. The only active part of the needle is the tip, which delivers energy only when reached the precisely set depth.  The needles deliver exact energy as the provider sets up.

What is Fractional Radio Frequency Microneedling?

Fractional because the needles are set up in 7×7 pattern so its seven rows of 7 needles in each row with a little space in between.

Radio Frequency is the energy used to heat up the tissue to set temperature of 40-44 Celcius.

Microneedling because the needles are tiny 34G size, surgical grade and sterile

SO what is so Genius about it?

  • The Genius comes from the fact that the skin depth can be adjusted and real time monitoring of the skin temperature and energy delivered is being done during the treatment. It is Genius that the needles are insulated to protect the surrounding skin and delivering too much uncontrolled energy.
  • The various depths are needed as the skin thickness varies all over the body and the experienced provider will know when to adjust the thickness settings to minimize any changes of side effects.
  • Genius can be performed for a variety of different skin concerns not only limited to wrinkles. It is great to treat acne scars (ice pick acne scars, rolling scars and box car scars). Fresh stretchmarks and surgical scars. It can tighten skin above knees, elbows, under butt, etc. 
  • It can also help fight cellulite
  • Genius RF in the hands of the expert can be performed to even reduce PAH (Primary axillary hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating underarms)
  • Genius can be performed ALL YAER ROUND
  • Genius can be performed on ALL Skin Colors when done by the expert

To see if Genius RF Microneedling is the right for you, please call 212-763-8888 to schedule your expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani

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