Is there any downtime after SculpSure treatment?

Posted on 6 June, 2017

Written by Anna Avaliani MD

Q & A: Is there any downtime after SculpSure treatment?????

SculpSure is an FDA approved treatment for non invasive body contouring in a 25 minutes treatment with NO DOWNTIME.

It’s designed to help target stubborn areas in the body which seem to be resistant to diet and exercise, particularly, the abdomen and love handles area.

SculpSure has been FDA approved since May 2015 and recently has been named 2017 New Beauty Magazine  “Beauty Choice Awards Winner” as the Beauty Game Changer

This photo compares the skin immediately after the treatment is complete. After SculpSure, the skin has simple pressure marks from the applicators/paddles and looks completely normal.  After Coolsculpting, the skin is raised, red, irritated and very sensitive. It just looks painful and from what my patients said who had the treatment, they said the recovery was very very uncomfortable and they would not do it again.

About 70% of patients in my practice have had CoolSculpting treatment done elsewhere and all said that they would not do it again.  The other 30%, are educated consumers who research and found SculpSure to be a much faster treatment, with better results, pretty much painless and with zero downtime.

The Bottom line: There is way more pros for SculpSure that there is for CoolSculpting. The technology has advanced for the better and the choice is clear.

Many of my patients were able to go immediately to the gym after the treatment was complete as they felt completely normal.   You would not be able to do that with the “Frozen stick of butter” on your stomach!

Comparison of downtime between SculpSure and Coolsculpting treatments

  SculpSure- 25 minutes Coolsculpting- 50 minutes
Start time 4 minutes of warm up 5 minutes of freezing up
Treatment duration Remaining 21 minutes are followed by sustained warm/hot feeling with circulating cooling air every 30 seconds for comfort Remaining 45 minutes are totally numb. Just stays frozen and sucked in
Area More than one area in 25 minutes Only one area at a time in 50 minutes
Full Body Treatment time Stomach 25 min, love handles 25 minutes bra rolls 25 minutes. Total: 75 minutes!! Or 1.15 hours ( almost like 1 hour at the gym!) Stomach upper 50 min, lower 50 min, each love handle 100 minutes, bra roll 100 minutes

Total: 300 minutes!! Or 5 hours. OMG! ( who has that time?)

Skin Completely normal Raised, red, like “Frozen stick of butter”
Downtime Zero 1-2 weeks of swelling, numbness, bruising and pinching nerve sensation
Side effects None or temporary nodules under the skin which represent clumps of destroyed fat cells. Nerve irritation, skin necrosis/death, severe bruising, nerve injury.

The choice is clear and I hope the picture, the cart and the explanation is enough evidence that there is absolutely Zero downtime after SculPSure treatment and that is why people are going crazy how effective, quick and painless this treatment really is.

Your Results always depend on:

  1. The experience of the provider
  2. Their aesthetic eye and vision of your body
  3. Proper physical exam
  4. The treatment design itself using the applicators
  5. The correct settings used
  6. The amount of treatments recommended

The bottom line is: Trust yourself to an Expert to get the best results if you are spending the money. 

Cheap is never good and good is never cheap!  Your health and safety is PRICELESS.

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