Laser-Powered Mole Removal: Your Path To A Safe And Scarless Solution

Posted on 27 September, 2023

If you have a bothersome, flat mole that you wish to safely and effectively remove without leaving a trace or a scar, you’re in the right place. Determining which moles can be safely removed is where my expertise, as Dr. Anna Avaliani plays a crucial role.

Mole removal is a custom-designed treatment. In preparation for your consultation and for health reasons, one should have an annual skin exam with their dermatologist and have all moles checked first. Once everything is cleared by the dermatologist, then you may proceed with laser mole removal.

Which moles can safely be removed?

The flat moles are the best candidates for this procedure. The flat moles notoriously were only able to be removed by surgical excision method, which would always leave a linear scar. No one wants a scar on their face, neck, or chest and for that reason, it was always suggested not to touch them, until now, when laser technology has been revolutionized.

What kind of results can you expect from the treatment?

The goal is total removal of the “dark color” of the mole which is very very possible, but is not guaranteed. Almost all treatments always result in great lightening of the mole darkness or total removal without a trace.

How long does the procedure take?

It takes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t even hurt.

Is there a downtime after scarless mole removal?

There is no peeling, bleeding, or any discomfort. You can even apply a bit of makeup or cover-up, and you’ll notice the color fading throughout a couple of days.

How many sessions does it take?

Results can be visible as early as after a single session but typically 4 sessions are recommended one month apart.

This procedure has helped many people with moles on their noses, lips, or forehead. These are very tricky areas and were never favored to have any surgical intervention in those areas as the scars tend to heal in not a pretty way.

Dr. Avaliani is the “Laser Queen of Park Avenue” and specializes in the most cutting-edge treatments using the latest technology to deliver the best results possible. To determine if scarless mole removal is right for you, it is recommended to have a consultation first, where all and any questions will be answered.

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